Nature, culture, art and gastronomy

The flavour and know-how that go into Corrado Benedetti products are directly linked to the land where they’re born and where our shop is still located, in the hamlet of Croce dello Schioppo in Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo. This is the Lessinia plateau north of Verona, on the border with the Valpolicella Classica area. Wonderful Veronese mountains in an area boasting gentle hills with olive groves, vineyards, orchards, woodland and, higher up, summer pastures. Our location between these two areas means we can benefit from the best of both worlds.

Lessinia is rich in history, art and culture, and also has a wonderful food and wine tradition, thanks to its varied landscapes and climate. Valpolicella is home to prestigious wines including Valpolicella and Amarone. This is a land of natural products like cherries, chestnuts, forest fruits, mushrooms and truffles…excellent raw materials at the base of the exquisite cheeses and meats which have always been part of the everyday diet in these parts.

Here the pastures are characterised by the spontaneous growth of a wide range of herbs which enrich the milk and the cheeses made from it: thyme, rosemary, sage, cumin, elder, calendula, nettle, lemon balm, fennel, mallow, oat hay and walnut leaves.

Naturally, a journey in taste is also a journey in a land that’s there to be discovered, close to Lake Garda and the city of Verona.