A tradition, a place and a trade that has continued and evolved for three generations.

Today Corrado continues his family tradition, producing cured meats and conditioning and maturing cheeses, with a philosophy that remains true to traditional recipes and methods while producing innovative specialities. Creating a gastronomic speciality requires continuous fine-tuning in order to achieve the very best and satisfy consumers’ tastes. Innovation is in the Benedetti family’s soul, as is their link to the land and the time demanded by the terrain and the seasons.

Benedetti’s passion for great cheese began with Corrado’s grandfather Angelo, who produced it using milk from the mountain pastures of Lessinia. Angelo’s daughter Pasquina learned cheesemaking methods from her father and continued the business. Pasquina met Vittorio, a pig farmer and producer of cured meats, then along came Corrado, who inherited his parents’ know-how, methods and passion for all things genuine and authentic.

In the 1970’s, Pasquina and Vittorio opened an inn in Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo, where the family’s meats and cheeses were served. It was so successful that diners often asked to buy the specialities they’d eaten and take them home. And so began the Benedettis’ first shop selling cheeses and cured meats.