Are you wondering how to impress your guests? We’ll take care of it with a bespoke gourmet buffet!

A rustic or chic alternative to catering for large or small occasions: this is our tasting service direct to your home, or to the venue for your event. “Noi da voi” brings Benedetti products and knowledge to the table for your guests: cheeses, salamis, lardo, bread, desserts, classic accompaniments and, if you wish, a traditional hot dish such as a soup or polenta with pickled herring.

A comprehensive tasting experience. Accompanying our products are our experts, who will demonstrate how to get the best from a cheese or a meat product, explain the story behind the recipe, methods and ingredients you’re tasting and offer tips to satisfy your curiosity. It’s more than just a service; it’s a real gastronomic experience to accompany your event.

You can choose between the different menus we offer, or customize one for the occasion. Ask us for information and contact us.