Gastronomy in glass jars

Fruit Preserves


Our range of fruit preserves is perfectly in line with the philosophy of goodness and high quality that makes every Corrado Benedetti product distinctive. Each product is created meticulously by hand in our “Preserves Workshop”, following recipes jealously guarded in the firm. These fruit preserves are the result of a lengthy process of research and optimisation of production techniques, resulting today in an extremely high fruit content and minimal added sugar.

Fruit Preserves

Every type of fruit used on our premises in Croce dello Schioppo is carefully selected and quality controlled. Our fruit preserves and citrus jams are made by experts who take care of the entire process, from washing the fruit to closing each individual jar.


Peaches are more than just a delight, they’re a certainty: the delicious simplicity of the very best peaches for a classic preserve that can’t be bettered. Impossible not to love it!


The flavour is an explosion of fresh and perfectly balanced flavours. Ideal for a snack, a fruit tart or a sumptuous garnish for your pastries.


A masterpiece of a jam, with a vibrant colour and a versatile character…have you tried it with fresh ricotta?


Made from an exclusive recipe and the most authentic redcurrants. The taste is a sophisticated balance of sweetness and acidity which tickles the tastebuds in delicious yet healthy snacks.


Only the ripest and sweetest blackberries are selected to be made into this jam, which will enchant you with the scents, flavours and look of Lessinia’s most genuine soul.


Excellent with yogurt or spread on a thick slice of bread. With this jam you’ll squeeze out all the fresh goodness of oranges.


The juicy Mediterranean flavours of Corrado Benedetti’s mandarin jam will give you a taste of delicious goodness.Try it paired with a tasty roast or our semi-mature cheeses.


Fragrant and sweet, cherries are a real treasure of our land and the inspiration for this superb jam with a fresh, lively aroma and an intense colour.


A jam with a pleasant, slightly bitter flavour. Highly recommended in the kitchen to add an original touch to game and roast meats.